The 2022 ACA AWC is now accepting applications for this year’s AWC which will be both in person in San Francisco, California (April 22 & 23 2022), and virtual via Zoom.

The 2022 AWC will have three workshops and/or panel discussions running concurrently on-site all day Saturday (4/22), and half day on Sunday (4/23) at the Hilton Hotel. All on-site events will be live streamed via Zoom.

Once the on-site events on Saturday night have ended, the over night program will begin on Zoom. There will be two live Zoom rooms with workshops and/or panel discussions running every two hours until the on-site programming starts up again Sunday morning.

The all virtual 2021 AWC had over a thousand ACA’s attending from all over the world. We are hoping to present a variety of workshops and panel discussions that reflect the diversity of our membership.

Submit an application by going to the ACA World Convention Website, https://www.acaworldconvention.org/2022-abc-awc/.