GEBACA Intergroup Meetings

Held the Fourth Saturday of each Month

10:30am-12 noon PT

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

1924 Trinity Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA

Join us in person or virtually via ZOOM (App): 9192370898

Any ACA Member may attend GEBACA Intergroup meetings.. There are no costs to attend the meetings.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall be followed. Annual GEBACA Intergroup Business Meeting held the second Saturday of each January.  Notice of time, place and purpose of the Annual Meeting shall be publicized at least two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.

Group Voice

ACA Intergroup Reps and Alternate Intergroup Reps (IGR): The GEBACA Intergroup is comprised of 1-2 IGR’s from each ACA meeting. IGR’s attend GEBACA monthly meetings to communicate information & activity announcements from the Intergroup to his or her meeting & provides the Intergroups with concerns & questions from their local meeting. The IGR reports back to their local meeting.  IGR’s carry any WSO proposals to their respective groups & records group conscience for use at the ABC.

GEBACA Intergroup Service Positions & Mission Statement

To serve the members and meetings of the San Francisco Greater East Bay Area under the guidelines of the Twelve Steps, The Twelve Traditions, and the Twelve Concepts, this Intergroup shall:

  1. Help coordinate communication among members and groups
  2. Establish and support Public Information.
  3. Carry the message to Hospitals and Institution meetings.
  4. Obtain and distribute Conference approved literature to member groups at the lowest possible cost, and,

In the interests of fellowship, unity and growth in recovery, organize and hold ACA activities, workshop and events.

Chair Person

Recovery Two Years. Two-year term. Conducts monthly Intergroup Meetings. Presents Intergroup issues to the Region meetings.  Coordinates & delegates organization of Workshops, Service Activities, & Group Discussions. Encourages members to get involved with ACA service work.

Vice Chair

Recovery Two Years. Two-year term. Assist Chairperson as needed in performing Chairperson duties.  Fills in for Chairperson when Chairperson is not available. Assumes the role of Chairperson at the expiration of Vice Chairperson term.


Recovery one year.  One-year term. Prepare & distribute the agenda for each Intergroup meeting.  Record Intergroup meeting minutes & make available through email, web site or Cloud account to Intergroup members.  Keep Intergroup Membership records. Perform additional administrative or clerical duties as needed.

GEBACA Volunteer Opportunities

Public Information Team (PI): Recovery one year.  One-year Term. Provide ACA educational information & material to meetings, schools, professionals, & businesses. Maintains a list of PI volunteers,

Literature & Assistant Literature Team: Recovery one year.  One-year Term. Purchase & maintain literature inventory. Coordinate distribution to groups. Liaison with any facility storing literature.  Keep current on new ACA books, chips & pamphlets.  Make recommendations on which literature the Intergroup should purchase.  Check Inventory & provide monthly report to Intergroup.

Activities Team: Recovery one year. One-year Term. Gather suggestions for events, propose events at Intergroup meetings, & obtain Intergroup votes for events. Event Planning: Establish & maintain event budget, reserve site, arrange tables & chairs, find & organize volunteers, request necessary funds from the Treasury.  Create, print, & distribute announcement flyers to Intergroup Reps, Liaison with other 12 Step meetings for promoting events, & arrange for donation of food & prizes for events.

Hospitals & Institutions (H&I) Team: Recovery one year.  One-year Term. Coordinates ACA members to take literature & meetings into hospitals, jails, & institutions.  Maintain a list of facilities, facility contact & admission requirements. Maintains a list of H&I Volunteers.

Communications e-Mail Team: Recovery one year.  One-year Term. Supports member communication.  Maintain current email list database of all members & Trusted Servants to facilitate Intergroup communications. At direction of Board, issue electronic communications to GEBACA area groups such as announcements, events planning, elections, meeting updates, newsletter & other as requested. Interface with & direct any outside vendors who are providing any service to Intergroup. Report to Board on these issues at the Business Meeting. Safeguard the electronic anonymity of all members in keeping with Traditions 11 and 12.

Communications Web Site Team: Recovery one year.  One-year Term. Lead the establishment and ongoing maintenance & update of the GEBACA web site monthly.  Provide reporting or feedback to Board as to functionality & usage of web site.  Update & maintain content on web site, interface with, & direct, any outside vendors who are providing services to the Intergroup.

Young People’s Team: Recovery one year.  One-year Term. Interface & interact with Young People’s Meetings & communicate events & other information to Intergroup and membership at large.

WSO Primary and Secondary Contact: Recovery one year.  One-year Term. Serve as contact for World Service Office (WSO) on any Intergroup WSO dialogue, issues or questions. Contact information is on file with WSO but will be for use only within the WSO service structure.

Intergroup ABC Delegate: Recovery two years.  Two-year Term. The Board of Directors shall nominate, select & send a Delegate to represent their area at the Business Conference (ABC) &the ACA World Conferences. The GEBACA Delegate is a trusted servant guided by the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions &Twelve Concepts & the Commitment to Service.  The Delegate communicates WSO proposals to the meetings & Board, records group consciences &represents this intergroup at the ABC & Convention.

ACA Intergroup Reps and Alternate Intergroup Reps (IGR): Recovery one year.  One-year Term. The GEBACA Intergroup is comprised of 1-2 Intergroup Service Representatives (IGR’s) from each meeting who attend GEBACA monthly meetings. Intergroup Representatives must be active members of the group they represent. IGR’s communicate information & activity announcements from the Intergroup and WSO to his or her meeting. IGR makes concerns and questions of local meetings known to GEBACA & reports findings back to their local meeting.  IGR’s demonstrate patience, love & tolerance while listening to others. IGR’s have the courage to speak up when we have something to share, & wisdom to do what is right for our group & ACA as a whole. IGR’s carry any WSO proposals to their respective groups & records group conscience for use at the ABC.

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